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A Cupboard Do-Over!

Nothing beats a failed attempt like a fresh start!

If you are like so many people who promise yourself each year to live a healthier lifestyle,   and time after time you fail, well now is the time to do it once and for all.  And the most logical place to build a good foundation that is sure to last is to take a look at what you have in your refrigerator and cupboards. The idea is to stock in your favor!

Here are some easy tips:

1. Do a makeover of your refrigerator and cupboards. If what you find is high in sodium, dyes and artificial ingredients, discard and choose a healthier alternative. This is an important exercise in order to become more responsible about what you are putting into your body. Check things like sodium content, high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that you cannot pronounce, and make today your point of a new beginning. Clear your cabinets and refrigerator of all white stuff. In other words begin today to buy and eat only whole grains. Stock up on brown rice, sweet potatoes, chia seeds, quinoa and other healthy grains. One of my favorite grains is farro.  Get rid of white sugar and replace it with raw or organic sugar, honey, liquid Stevia or Blue Agave Sweetener. These are all wonderful substitutes and you will find that your desire for sugar will decrease over time. Focus instead on eating fresh fruit to satisfy your sugar cravings.

2. Cut back on or eliminate sodas. Even diet sodas are suspect when it comes to hydrating your body. And if you crave the fizz, as so many of us do, you can make your own soda by using a combination of fruit juice and carbonated water mixture of 1 or 2 parts juice and the rest seltzer. Be sure to choose 100% juice that has not been sweetened with sugar or corn syrup.

3. Stock up on good water.. And if you are one of those people who need to spice things up, try adding slices of cucumber, strawberries or lemons to the water. Not only will you be instantly refreshed, but your body will be revitalized with all kinds of wonderful nutrients.

4. Stock your cupboards with a variety of herbs. And during the warmer months, grow your own. You can grow herbs in pots, in a garden or on your window sill. Not only are fresh herbs more flavorful, they are also less expensive.

5. Keep a ready supply of dried beans. Beans are inexpensive, packed with protein and they provide bulk when eaten, which means they are great for filling you up.

6. Buy Fresh. Whenever possible, always choose to use fresh ingredients for your dishes. Fresh not only tastes better, it is also better for you. Consider planting a vegetable garden. And if you are lacking space, pots are a great way to cultivate fresh herbs, tomatoes, pole beans and fixings for salads. Be sure to visit the garden section here on the blog for easy gardening tips.

If you are unable to plant a garden due to time constraints or lack of space, seek out a neighborhood farmer’s market.

Let’s do this!

Because life should be good!  How good is that…..

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