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Keeping House



I am an original southern country girl!  

I love to cook and never miss an opportunity to get my hands in the dirt.  I become intoxicated by beauty and I am most at home with things that are simple and good. I love to fuss over my family and friends, and my ultimate goal always is to make them dream about their next visit.

While growing up I remember overhearing conversations between my grandmother and her friends as they shared news of someone who had either just married or about to strike out on their own.  Their way of noting this right of passage was to say that they were keeping house!  Webster defines keeping as recognizing certain qualities and to care for something because it has value.  This description epitomizes how I feel about the place I love to call home.  Since becoming a woman and  keeping my own home, the true meaning of keeping house has encapsulated every aspect of who I am.  And although my life has taken me to all kinds of wonderful places over the years, no matter where I have landed, home has always landed with me.

It is my desire that as you travel this journey with me that I am able to impart the knowledge and value of what I have gained over the years.

Here’s to our amazing journey together!  A farm girl, living in the city!

Because life should be good!  How good is that…..



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